Monday, November 23, 2009

A bit about their background

I got Hide and Seek on August 14, 2009. They were about four months old. A Fairfax County teacher, Sara, found them. The kittens' mother lived with a family in Sara's neighborhood. Apparently, when the mother cat got pregnant, the family put her out in the shed and stopped feeding & taking care of her. Even after the cat had her kittens, the humans didn't take her back in. Since she didn't have any food, the mother cat started raiding neighborhood trash cans and--once they were old enough--teaching her kittens to do likewise. Fortunately for the cats, Sara noticed what was happening and started feeding them.

The kittens gradually got more comfortable with humans, since Sara was giving them food each day. Sara found a home for the mother, and sent out an email to let folks know about the two kittens who also needed a home. Fortunately for me, my sister Kara got the email and passed on to me. Since I'm a cat fanatic, I jumped on the chance to take the two little guys in :) They were about 2 pounds when I got them, and they were terrified of being "trapped" in a house. After a few days, they started coming out from under the couch (one of their favorite hiding spots!) and letting me pet them. Before too long, they became total cuddle bunnies. They now sleep with me at night and wake me in the morning by pouncing on my feet (and occasionally my butt). They are happy and healthy, and growing like weeds! They're up to about 8 pounds now.

I named them Hide and Seek at Kara's suggestion because they love to hide under couches :) They will come out to meet you if you offer them treats.

Look how they've grown in the last three months!

Hide and Seek as four-month-olds:

Hide and Seek as (almost--these are a few weeks old) seven-month-olds:

Can you help me keep helping these two wonderful kittens?

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